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What’s the testing machine can be used for packaging industry

China Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
What’s the testing machine can be used for packaging industry
Latest company news about What’s the testing machine can be used for packaging industry

  As people's requirements for consumer quality become higher and higher, especially in the food and cosmetics industries, the packaging of products is particularly important. To ensure the quality of products, various inspection instruments are needed, so the packaging industry What kind of tests do you do? Today, the editor of Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. will answer your analysis:

To sum up, there are 20 types of tests in total, let's take a look


1. Compression strength testing machine: pressure, deformation and stacking test of corrugated cardboard boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packages. Suitable for pressure test of barreled and bottled containers


2. Compressive strength Testing machine: Paper Ring crush strength (RCT); corrugated cardboard Edge compressive strength (ECT), flat compressive strength (FCT), adhesive strength (PAT), and small core paper compressive strength (CMT) with a diameter less than 60mm Waiting test


3. Tensile strength testing machine: plastic film, composite film, flexible packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, stickers, rubber, paper, plastic aluminum plates, enameled wires, non-woven fabrics, textiles, waterproof materials, triangle belts and other products Tensile performance test. Can also achieve 180-degree peeling, 90-degree peeling strength, constant force elongation, constant elongation value, etc.


4. Burst strength testing machine: Determination of bursting strength of paper, cardboard, thin cardboard, silk, cotton, etc.


5. Tear strength testing machine: Paper, cardboard, plastic, chemical fiber, metal wire, metal foil, etc.


6. Penetration strength testing machine: determination of penetration of corrugated cardboard, paper, carton, etc.


7. Smoothness testing machine: determination of paper and cardboard smoothness


8. Degree of dust: Determination of dust degree of food parchment, translucent paper, food packaging paper, food packaging cardboard


9. Softness testing machine: Determination of softness of high-grade toilet paper, tobacco flakes, non-woven fabrics, sanitary napkins, facial tissues, films, textile fibers and other materials


10. Sealing strength: bags of milk powder, cheese, coffee sticks / bags, moon cakes, seasoning bags, snack foods, tea bags, bagged rice, potato chips, pastries, puffed food, Tetra Pak, wet paper towels, etc. Clinic bottles, ampoules, syringes, oral solutions, sterile bags, infusion bags / bottles, water injections, powder injections, BFS bottles, API bottles, BPC bottles, FFS bottles, etc. Seal test


11.90 degree peel strength testing machine: Measurement of 90 degree peeling strength of plastic film, composite film, sheet and other materials.


12. 180 degree peel strength testing machine: Measurement of 180 degree peeling strength of plastic film, composite film, sheet and other materials.


13. Puncture resistance testing machine: test the puncture resistance of infusion bags, rubber stoppers, packaging bags, plastic films, composite films, paper, aluminum foil and other samples.


14. Friction coefficient tester: Measurement of the dynamic and static friction coefficients of materials such as plastic films and paper.


15. Rotation torque at the bottle mouth: Measurement of rotational opening torque and sealing torque of beverage bottles, edible oil barrels, medicine bottles, cosmetic packaging bottles and other packages.


16. Seal test: milk bag, milk powder bag, puffed food bag, instant noodle bag, beverage bottle, Tetra Pak box, jelly cup, medicine bottle, infusion bag, blister, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic bag and other containers .


17. Drop test: The free fall that the product may be subjected to during the transportation. Investigate the product's ability to resist accidental impact, all products. Double-wing drop, single-wing drop, zero drop, etc.


18. Simulation transportation vibration testing machine: suitable for toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products for simulation transportation testing.


19. Aging and color fasting test machine: wear resistance test of carton printed matter, fading in sunlight, etc., such as xenon lamp aging tester, ink decoloration tester, etc.


20. Metal detector and Needle detector: It mainly detects whether metal powder, broken iron chips, needles and other metal impurities and non-metal impurities are mixed in the product. It is widely used in medicine, health products, biological products, food, cosmetics, toys, additives. , Textiles and more.


The above content is provided by Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. For more product details, please call the 24-hour service hotline 13532487540 and email address at :; ;


Thank you for your trust!

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