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Two Roll Rubber Mill Operation Guide

China Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Dongguan Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Two Roll Rubber Mill Operation Guide
Latest company news about Two Roll Rubber Mill Operation Guide

Two Roll Rubber Mill Operation Guide

What is the two roll rubber mill

The two roll rubber mill is can called mixing mill or open mill.The two roll rubber mill is a machine used to process natural rubber into various compounds.Two horizontally opposed stainless steel rolls rotate in opposite directions towards each other at different speed to mix the rubber and ingredients used to create the rubber compounds.

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What is the principle of the two roll rubber mill?

Plasticizing with an two roll rubber mill is mainly through the shearing and extrusion of the rubber compound by two rotating rollers, as well as the accompanying chemical reaction during the kneading process, so that the original macromolecular chain of the rubber compound is removed. Interruption makes the ingredients in the formula blend evenly, so that the original elasticity of the rubber compound is reduced and the plasticity is improved, which is beneficial to the following processing steps.

The film discharged from the roller gap is wrapped on one roller due to the difference in the surface speed and temperature of the two rollers, and then returns between the two rollers, so that many times of reciprocation, the rubber mixing is completed. During plasticizing, the molecular chain of rubber is changed from long to short, and the elasticity is changed from large to small; during mixing, the surface of each component of the rubber compound is continuously updated and uniformly mixed. On an open mill with intermittent operation, the rubber material is repeatedly used for several times after feeding, and finally the bottom sheet is cut.


What are the operating steps of the two roll rubber mill?

1: Before the two roll rubber mill machine starts normally, the oil pump should be started for two to three minutes, then the roller motor should be turned on, and the roller should run idly for about five minutes.

2: Check whether the parts on the equipment are running normally. There should be no sundries on the machine body and should be cleaned up in time.

3: Check the smoothness of the surface of the roller and the journal, and start the operation to heat up the steam valve.

4: When adjusting the working span of the rollers, it is not possible to adjust one end and the other end at the same time. Both ends should be adjusted at the same time. After the adjustment, immediately check whether the gap between the rollers is uniform. At the same time, during the normal operation of the rubber mixer, always pay attention to the gap between the rollers. , when the gap is too large or too small, it should be adjusted in detail.

5: When the two roll rubber mill machine needs to discharge, do not directly feed too much material at one time, but put a small part first, check whether the change of the main motor voltage is normal, whether there is a gap between the safety piece and the bearing seat, and observe that the equipment is normal. Then do a lot of feeding operations.

6: When the non-feeding material is accidentally used for the roller, first pull the emergency stop lever to stop, and after the stop, turn the operation handle of the rubber mixer to the "reverse" direction, and then start the equipment to take out the foreign body. Do not pick up materials directly by hand without stopping the machine.

7: Do not pull the parking lever at will unless it happens unexpectedly.

8: Under normal operation of the rubber mixer, the temperature of the roller should not exceed 120℃. Once the temperature is too high, stop and check.

9: After the operation is completed, turn off the rubber mixing machine equipment, cut off the power supply, and clean the equipment and the surrounding environment.



1. Check the rubber material before feeding, and do not mix hard metal debris, because if there are hard debris into the rubber mixing machine with the rubber, the transverse pressure will suddenly increase, which will easily cause equipment loss.

2. Before operating the machine, it is necessary to adjust the roll distance to maintain the balance of the roll distance. If the size of the roller distance adjustment at both ends is different, it will cause the roller to be eccentric, and it is easy to cause damage to the equipment.

3. Before opening the mill, you must check whether the circuit (current and voltage, etc.), oil circuit (reducer, bearing, etc. lubrication), water circuit, etc. are normal.

4. Be careful not to get burned when touching the high temperature parts.

5. When the movable parts and surrounding areas are blocked, do not put your hands or iron rods into them, but use plastic rods to handle them carefully.

6. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply and close the water and steam valves.

7. Pay attention to the surrounding conditions when pulling and pushing the machine to prevent bumping and touching people.

8. When the machine breaks down, stop the action of the machine as soon as possible, and do not claim by yourself.

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